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Jujja Wieslander

Swing a little bit,
swing a little bit,
swing a little back and little forward.

That kind of child singing is not an intellectual occurrence, it is purely physical and, more then just words, a way to acquire a language. For 20 years I worked with my former husband Thomas, to intercept and take down children’s songs. It was a big production of children’s songs. Two of them called Mamma Moo and my little crow song. They took shape and became their own characters who now live their lives not only in singing but also in books, movies, games, etc.

Don´t you get tired of Mamma Moo, people ask me sometimes.

No, I do not. For through the two characters I portray much of what I think is important in life. And that, it is possible to find friendship and understanding, despite differences.

I’m interested in growing and developing; children; plants; and relationships between people and how it can be expressed in words, pictures, music and movement. Preferably with both humour and seriousness. I believe that efforts to support children’s language in a broad sense is a worthy task.

Photographer: Magnus Liam Karlsson

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