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Gunilla Bergström, born 1942 in Sweden.

Where she studied at the Institute of Journalism and later worked as a journalist on several of the main Swedish newspapers until 1975, when she became a full-time author. Her first children's book, published in 1971, has been followed by about 30 others, which she has also illustrated.

Gunilla Bergström's books are idiosyncratic and supremely personal, above all because of their illustrations. She grew up in an artist's home and is a self-taught draughtsman. These are clear, distinct pictures, directly captivating through their simplicity and through the psychological tension which she deftly creates with a few, aptly chosen details. The technique is ink and collage with a glorious mixture of fabric, paper, yarns and cuttings. Another unmistakable characteristic is the facial expressions of the figures, which she has become something of a master in developing and varying ad infinitum. She is not averse to a touch of fantasy and comic exaggeration, and she makes very deliberate use of colours to complete every story and convey the mood of it.

Laugh and be amazed together

I want to tell stories so that children and adults will be reminded and can laugh and be amazed together. Children who are charged with reality and with the magic of reality are more amply equipped. Other decisions can be made, stronger contenders contended and more affectionate spirit can be created - when youngsters one day become the people in power. Or "simply" parents.

Photographer: Jan Anjam

Alfie plays soccer Painting
From the book How far does Alfie reach?, Rabén & Sjögren. © Gunilla Bergström 1999

40x30 cm, 65 EUR
80x60 cm, 139 EUR
Alfie flies
From the book Fly with me, said Alfie Atkins, Rabén & Sjögren. © Gunilla Bergström 1996

40x30 cm, 65 EUR
80x60 cm, 139 EUR
Daddy Atkins reads a tale
From the book Good Night, Alfie Atkins, Rabén & Sjögren. © Gunilla Bergström 1972

40x40 cm, 79 EUR
60x60 cm, 109 EUR
90x90 cm, 169 EUR

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